Greece: Gay and Lesbian

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Greece Gay and Lesbian

Gay and lesbian tourism in Greece has picked up over the past few years making Greece a preferred destination for gay and lesbian holidays. Greece is a conservative country when it comes to the acceptance of homosexuality but there are certain parts of Greece where homosexuality is largely accepted. The island of Mykonos is one of the most gay friendly tourist spots in the world. Gay and lesbian people can be open with their sexuality without any fears or inhibitions and have a relaxing, fun filled holiday with like minded people. Mykonos has a number of gay friendly hotels, bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs all over the island.

Other islands like Lesvos, Faliraki in Rhodes Malia in Crete, the Gazi neighborhood in Athens and Kavos in Corfu are gay friendly destinations. You can have a comfortable holiday in other areas as well so long as you respect local customs and traditions and avoid overtly public displays of affection. A number of tour companies organize gay and lesbian tours.