Greece: Naturism

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Greece Naturism

Certain beaches off the Greek islands offer naturist holidays in Greece for tourists. Greeks are not open to nudism and therefore specific areas on islands have been made naturist friendly for like minded tourists. Popular Naturist holidays locations in Greece are the Agios Ioannis and Super Paradise beaches on the island of Mykonos that are naturist friendly although you will find non naturists on the beaches as well. Skiathos is home to the famous Banana Nude Beach which is very popular among naturist tourists as a destination for a naturist holiday in Greece. Myrtiotissa is the most well-known naturist beach of Corfu. It is a long stretch of sand right next to Glyfada beach and the road to go is quite rough. Rhodes has one official naturist beach at Faliraki village and this beach is patronized by complete nudes, males, females and families. Greece scores 7 out of 10 as a naturist holiday destination.