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Greece Party Holiday - Singles Life

Greece is the ultimate party holiday destination with a nightlife so vibrant and crazy, it gets tough to keep up. Tourists from all over Europe and the world visit Greece just to experience the nightlife. The islands of Greece are especially popular for their nightclubs and bars that abound in every street and beach corner. Of all the islands Mykonos has the most colorful nightlife with a range of stylish cafe bars, restaurants, and state of the art bars and discos. As the sun sets, the town's mazes of tiny streets are buzzing till late into the morning. The islands of Ios, Crete, Corfu, Paros, Kos and Rhodes are popular nightlife destinations as well, providing excellent party holidays in Greece. The peak season witnesses packed houses at most clubs and bars. Mykonos is popular for hosting 24 hour parties for mixed and straight crowds. Clubbing, bar and pub hopping and beach parties are the main nightlife activities for a party holiday in Greece. Irish pubs, jazz and slammer pubs, Greek bars, the choice of entertainment is unending! Greece scores 9 on 10 as a partying holiday destination.