Greece: Sailing Activity Holiday

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Greece Sailing Activity Holiday

The Ion Sea and the Aegean Sea and its islands offer perfect sailing holidays in Greece. The best way to visit the Greek islands and the coasts of its mainland is by sailing. A large number of yatch companies offer chartered yatchs and sail boats on hire for daily sails or more. From small sailboats to flotillas, cabin cruises to skippers, you can take your pick for a perfect sailing holiday in Greece. The country has over 1600 islands of which 169 are inhabited and offer facilities for sailing. Areas which are particularly famous for sailing holidays in Greece are the coastal areas of Corfu, Paros, Skiathos, Alinossos and Lefkada. For novices training at the Aegean Sailing School in Poros offers courses recognized by the Royal Yatch Association. The calm waters of Poros make for an excellent learning location. Greece scores 9 on 10 as a destination for sailing holidays.