Greece: Shopping Holiday

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Greece Shopping Holiday

Greece is one of the cheapest shopping destinations in Europe and provides an excellent shopping experience to the tourist. Greece is popular for its jewelry, fur coats, wines, pottery, embroidery, leather goods, antiques and sponges. Sponge from Kos is especially popular with divers going to great depths to find them. Some of the most spectacular jewelry in the world can be found in Greece. The jewelry, made by skilled craftsmen, is essentially a blend of ancient and modern, and you can pick up some exquisite pieces from the country. The district of Plaka in Central Athens is popular for its jewelry stores. Kastoria, in northern Macedonia is where the most sought after furs come from and cost a bomb! In spite of their prices, fur coats are a hot selling item in Greece. Ermou Street, off Syntagma square in Athens houses a number of fur shops. Owing to the country great historical and cultural past, Greeks have a penchant for antiques, and this is visible in the many antique stores all over the country. Leather shoes, bags, wallets, sandals and jackets are popular in Greece. Plaka is home to a number of leather stores. Make sure you buy genuine products and look for government stamps on them. For clothing Ermou Street offers the best selections. Plaka is also popular for little souvenirs, nick knacks and curios. Don’t miss the weekend flea market in Monastiraki where you can find a variety of goods, as well as old books and antiques. There is also a huge flea market on Sunday in Pireaus. Greece scores 5 on 10 as a shopping destination.