Greece: Food and Drink

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Greece Food and Drink

The Greek’s love for food is evident in their approach to meals as more of a celebration than an ordinary daily routine. Food is given a great deal of importance in Greece and the variety is endless. Greece’s long coastal belt has made seafood a staple ingredient in Greek food. From sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and smelt to octopus which is a delicacy, fish is usually grilled, smoked, baked or marinated in olives and a tomato base. Meat in Greek cuisine consists of lamb, pork, beef and goat. Mousaka, made of ground beef and vegetables, and Souvlaki which is meat grilled in a skewer, chopped and served with pita bread, are the two most popular meat dishes which are cheap and available everywhere in Greece. The Greeks use a lot of olives and feta cheese in their food. Meals are incomplete without drinks and Greece’s favored alcoholic drink is a mix of pressed grape skins, herbs and berries, called Ouza. This is a spirit not for the faint hearted!