Greece: Wine Tasting

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Greece Wine Tasting

The island of Santorini is a popular wine tasting destination in Greece. SantoWines is the largest vineyard on the island and produces a number of wines. The Boutari Winery in Crete, Anagnostou Vineyards in Attica, Domaine Harlaftis in Attica, Evhafis Estate in Megara, Allagianni D. Winery in Markopoulo are a few vineyards that organize wine tasting tours in Greece. Wine festivals are organized on a regular basis in Greece. The Rethymnon Wine Festival on the island of Crete is held in July, a wine festival in Heraklion is held in mid July and the Sultana Raisin Festival is held in Sitia in Crete towards the end of July.