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Greece Hotels

Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, Greece has a wide selection of accommodation options throughout the country. The more popular tourist destinations of Greece are Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorin, Corfu Island, Meteora, Delphi, Mykonos, Rhodes, Nyxos, Salonica, Paros and Crete. Finding accommodation to suit your budget in Greece is not a difficult task in any of these places, with options galore. Browse our links to accommodation in Greece and find the latest deals online. Our links to cheap accommodation in Greece are updated hourly, to provide you with the most recent Greek hotel and holiday apartment bargains online.

Hotels in Greece

Tourists in Greece prefer hotel accommodation since there is so much to see in the country and each city requires a 4 to 5 day stop. Hotels in Greece are plentiful and range from first class luxury to the very basic. Greece attracts a huge backpack tourist population and budget hotels abound in each and every part of the country and its islands. The budget hotels in Greece provide just that - budget accommodation sans frills and fancies. A room for two in a budget hotel in Greece comes for as cheap as €15 and goes up to €40 if the hotel is located in a commercial area.

2 and 3 star hotels in Greece offer decently comfortable accommodation. The hotels are in the crowded areas, but in close proximity to restaurants, bars, etc. Few of the 2 and 3 star hotels have their own restaurant. Most, however, come with a bar. Rates for a single room in a 3 star hotel in Greece vary from €45 to €100.

4 star hotels in Greece are generally situated in picturesque locales where you get the dual benefit of comfort and natural beauty, but at a price! The lowest rates for a single room in a 4 star hotel in Greece will cost you €75 and can go up to €180. Athens, being the capital, has slightly more expensive hotels compared to other cities or islands.

5 star hotels in Greece offer style, comfort, luxury and grand service in the lap of natural beauty and scenic surroundings! Whether you choose a 5 star hotel on an island or in the heart of the city, you will always have a perfect view of the beaches and the sea or of the historical wonders of Greece. All 5 star hotels come equipped with every luxury available. All this luxury will however set you back by quite a lot of money. A double room in a 5 start hotel in Greece costs €200 to €350 a night.