Guam: Culture and Arts

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Culture and Arts

If you’re looking to enjoy a true mixture of Western, Asian and Pacific cultures, then a Culture and Arts holiday in Guam is absolutely perfect. With its Spanish imperial architecture, indigenous Chamorro art, culture, history and craftwork, not to mention the influence of the its time under US rule, Guam has something to offer everyone. You can marvel at the ancient Spanish bridges, the Chamorro villages and statues, and then relax with a beer and some world class seafood all in one day on Guam. A culture and arts holiday in Guam will leave you satisfied, enlightened and ready to return. Make sure to take every opportunity to get around the island and see its wonderful sights, either by bus, rented car or taxi. The island has so much to offer a culture and arts holiday, all in easy reach, that it is essential that take in as much of it as possible.