Guam: Family Holiday

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Family Holiday

Guam is a family friendly place. Offering numerous resorts that welcome children, not to mention a huge variety of activities that the kids will love, a family holiday in Guam is a perfect getaway. You can relax on the beach while the kids make sandcastles, or take them around the island’s incredible sights and sounds. Family restaurants are aplenty, with every type of cuisine available and most restaurants offering kids menus and portions.

A family holiday in Guam will offer you plenty of options to enjoy yourself and make memories for the photo-album. A family holiday in Guam is also an excellent opportunity for you to learn as a family. The history of the island, not to mention the incredible story of its to-and-fro during WWII is something that will enlighten anyone, and the sites of famous battles and historical events can all be easily visited and learned about. Equally appealing is the ease with which children will fit into Guam’s resorts, which are a safe and pleasant environment for a family holiday.