Guam: Winter Sun

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Winter Sun

For those looking for some winter sun, look no further than Guam. With temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees in winter, the island offers a perfect, balmy, tropical climate. The rainy season in the later half of the year can leave the island somewhat wet, but the climate is rarely harsh enough to put off the avid sun seeker. The beaches in Guam also offer acres of space during winter, and are still well maintained and an idyllic location to sunbathe. For the adventurous among those seeking some winter sun, getting off the beaten track in Guam will prove rewarding. With numerous secretive little bays and beaches to be found amongst the wilds of the island, there is plenty of incentive to explore. A winter sun holiday in Guam will leave the sun worshipper truly satisfied.