Guam: Golf

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Golf

Despite its size, Guam is famous for its incredible golf courses. A golf holiday in Guam, therefore, is a truly salivating prospect for any dedicated golfer. The island offers no fewer than seven world class golf courses, designed by some of the most famous Japanese and US golfers in history, including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Leo Palace gold resort in the middle of Guam is particularly notable for its variety and challenging nature. All the golf courses in Guam benefit from the island’s notoriously beautiful scenery, and are some of the best maintained courses in the world. The fairways are so well trimmed and cared for as to be reminiscent of Augusta, and few sights can be as satisfying as teeing off into a panoramic view of the beauty of Guam. A Golf holiday in Guam is the perfect break for any avid golfer, and represents an opportunity to play to your hearts content.