Guam: Food Guide - Dining Out

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Food Guide - Dining Out

Guam offers a wide range of culinary styles to suit any traveler’s taste. Most styles of world cuisine are represented, with Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western, Vietnamese, Filipino, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants among others. Seafood is particularly popular, and Guam takes advantage of its position as a small island in ensuring fresh seafood can be purchased anywhere on the island, every day. Prices vary depending on quality and area, but you can generally get a good meal for under $20 dollars, and a basic meal for under $10.

It is a good idea to judge restaurants by eye in Guam: if they are empty and look a bit shoddy, they probably are. That said, some of the best restaurants focus less on the décor and more on the food, so be sure to look at a couple of the dishes people are eating if the restaurant is busy and make up your mind. Squid, lobster and other seafood can be purchased and done in many different styles, from a full on banquet to a simple barbeque with a few Mediterranean style vegetables. Chamorro cuisine is also represented, with many traditional stalls and small restaurants offering Chamorro dishes, which are generally chicken based, cooked in all manner of herbs, spices, lemon juice and coconut milk, accompanied by rice, noodles and more. Watch out for the famously fiery Finadene sauce!