Guam: Useful Information

Micronesia's most populous island

Guam Useful Information

- A resident of Guam is known as a Guamanian.
- Credit cards are accepted on Guam, with MasterCard being far more widespread than rival Visa. Make sure you keep enough cash on your for any transactions, as card machines are not always reliable in restaurants and shops.
- The most popular banks in Guam are the Bank of Guam and the Bank of Hawaii.
- Guam has connections to several major mobile phone networks, and finding signal on the island is rarely a problem. Watch out, however, for excessive roaming charges if calling on a European phone.
- Electricity in Guam is 110V and 60 Hertz, and plugs are general flat blade 2 pin plugs. If you do not have the correct voltage appliances, you will need a converter.
- US stamps are used in Guam and stamps for international mail can be bought easily. Mail leaving the island is not 100% reliable or regular, so do make sure that if you are sending something important to pay for it to be tracked/couriered.
- Guam has excellent broadband internet coverage, and internet access can be bought at several internet cafes or found in many hotels. Some areas also maintain WiFi.
- Guam carries stiff penalties for drug use and possession. Prison sentences can and are given, and suspected drunk drivers are breathalysed with a roadside test.
- Drinking water has improved in quality significantly in Guam over the last few years, with many programs implemented to ameliorate it. That said, it is advisable to stick to bottled water if you have a weak stomach.
- Guam is predominantly Roman Catholic, with 85% of the island’s population being of that religion. The remaining 15% of the population is split up between other world religions, agnostics and atheists.
- Gambling is a massively contentious issue on Guam. At the time of writing, approval has still not been given for the island to operate slot machines or build a casino, although this is constantly subject to change as more proposals are made and legal battles fought. It is expected that the island may see a casino at some point in the near future.
- Guam operated a duty free system on shopping purchases, as a result shopping is relatively cheap on the island.