Havana: Shopping Holiday

Capital of Cuba

Havana Shopping Holiday

Shopping in Havana is a real treat for those who like their luxuries. Fine art, finer rum, and the finest cigars in the world are on the agenda here. As the area is redeveloped, Old Havana is fast becoming a centre for shopping. The area is rapidly developing a reputation for fine chocolates, perfumes and fabrics, all at reasonable prices. Credit cards from non-US banks are accepted, but it is still advisable to pay in cash wherever possible. The Convertible Peso is accepted at most stores and stalls. Shopping Malls also exist in Havana, and as they city continues to evolve, more are springing up. You won’t find many international brands around, but there is still some great shopping to be done across the city. Shopping in Havana won’t disappoint, particularly if you like cheap rum…