Havana: Food and Drink

Capital of Cuba

Havana Food and Drink

Food & Drink in Havana does not appeal to all visitors. From traditional Cuban cuisine to its legendary cocktails, you might think there may be something for everyone, however due to strict limitations on imports, Cuba's food is all locally produced. Food in Havana is not expensive, though do expect to pay higher prices in the more tourist-marketed restaurants. Drink in Havana is legendarily cheap, with a beer costing as little as £1 and a bottle of Havana Club rum coming in at less that £5. Meals are served at a huge variety of restaurants, some tiny little backstreet cafeterias and some opulent dining halls in the iconic hotels of the city. Cuba has, on paper, an extremely strict smoking ban, but some restaurants operate smoking areas. Food and Drink in Havana means long lunches, cheap rum, and delicious Spanish, Latin and African fusion dishes.