Havana: Shopping

Capital of Cuba

Havana Shopping

Unfortunately, Havana is no shopper's paradise. In general, the city's choices for shopping are very poor, although some large hotels like Havana Libre and Melia Cohiba have modern clothing shops. With the arrival of shopping malls in Havana, and the modern Tiendas Carlos Tercero, Avenida Salvador Allende, options for shopping are improving and travellers can now buy clothes, shoes and beauty products. For designer items, as well as a fashion show, La Maison, Calle 7ma y 16, in Miramar, is the place to go. It sells designer clothes, jewellery and cosmetics.

For holiday makers the most important items to buy from Cuba are Havana cigars, Cuban rum, Cuban coffee, music CD’s, paintings or arts and crafts. For T-shirts, wooden handcraft, ceramics, and Cuban gadgets (often made of empty beer cans), we recommend the outdoor market on Tacon Avenue just outside Plaza de la Cathedral.

In the smaller shops like the ones on Obispo Street there is only limited access, and as a security measure you have to wait at the entrance until any clients that are inside finish shopping and leave. If you are carrying a handbag or a shopping bag you have to leave them at the desk against a receipt till you leave the shop.