Havana: Costs

Capital of Cuba

Havana Costs

Havana is good value for money for tourists, but it isn’t excessively cheap. If you’re not looking to do everything at the top end then Havana is less expensive than most of Europe, but at the highest end prices can be comparable. Prices fluctuate depending on season, but if you’re careful you can pick out some great bargains both for accommodation and for eating out.

The following is a list of average expenses for basic items in Havana:

B&Bs: £10 per person, per night upwards.
Hotels: £40 per person, per night and upwards.
Bottle of Beer: £1
A Cocktail: £2-4
A Basic Meal: £4-12
Taxi: £0.50-1 per km.
Pack of Cigarettes: £0.50-1
Ice Cream: £0.15-50