Helsinki: Couples Holiday

Helsinki Couples Holiday

Helsinki is a good choice for a couples holiday. Whether you’re both into arts, design, sightseeing, outdoor exercise or just relaxing with a good cup of coffee, Helsinki has a great mix of things to do both romantic and just plain interesting. The best thing is that even if you don’t enjoy the same things, there’s a lot of room for compromise: if one of you enjoys hiking, head up to Helsinki Central Park for a morning of yomping along the trails and through the conservation areas, then spend the afternoon indulging your other half’s taste for modern art in the Kiasma Gallery (and there’s an excellent café there if all that compromising is too tiring). Or take a ferry out to the island fortress of Suomenlinna and explore singly or together the various museums, underground tunnels, ramparts and design studios.

Great for couples on holiday in Helsinki is spending time together is the Finnish sauna, a relaxing and refreshing experience. After all that, there is a host of great restaurants, bars and cafes just perfect for lingering in with the one you love. Basically, whatever you like to do and whether you like to do it together or just compare notes at the end of the day, Helsinki has something to offer couples looking for a holiday destination.