Helsinki: Culture and Arts

Helsinki Culture and Arts

Helsinki is a truly excellent place to visit for a culture and arts holiday. Not only is the architecture free to look at and as varied a tour through neo classicism, art nouveau and functionalism as anyone could wish for, the museums and galleries are top notch. Helsinki is a city that has its very own, distinct cultural identity, which it blends with a wider European sensibility.

Thus music and art lovers holidaying in Helsinki will see examples of European and international work alongside the best contemporary Finnish work in galleries such as the three-part Finnish National Gallery or at the international new music festivals held frequently in Helsinki. In terms of festivals, Helsinki seems to have live music and events coming out of its ears, whether it’s music and craft markets at Christmas, a Summer Samba Festival, a heavy metal festival or semi-pagan midsummer celebrations. Theatre is also part of Helsinki’s cultural tapestry, whether it is in Finnish, Swedish or English, performed at the Finnish National Theatre, in the open air, at Suomenlinna sea fort or at the Swedish Theatre. For lovers of culture and the arts, Helsinki is a vibrant cultural and arts holiday destination.