Helsinki: Skiing - Snow Boarding

Helsinki Skiing - Snow Boarding

Although most of the real skiing peaks are located in Northern Finland, Helsinki is still a very decent option for a skiing or snowboarding holiday. This is due to two factors. Firstly, cross-country skiing is a favourite activity of the Finns, and Helsinki’s Central Park has the Paloheinä Recreational Centre (Pakilantie 124), the most popular cross-country skiing centre in Helsinki, with miles of well-maintained trails. It’s possible to ski here from December until as late as April.

It’s a good facility, with most of the trails well illuminated until late in the evening, and a rental shop to fulfill your skiing needs. Secondly, there are several slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding around Helsinki, including Serena Ski in Espoo and Talma in Sipoo. With all of this and the centre of Helsinki easily accessible, Helsinki makes a god choice of destination for a skiing or snowboarding holiday.