Helsinki: Golf

Helsinki Golf

If you enjoy golf then Helsinki will probably have a course to suit you. With two 18-hole courses within the city itself, one in Tali and the other in Vuosaari, dozens of others within driving distance, as well as two practice ranges located at Laajasalo and Paloheinä, Helsinki is a respectable destination for golf-lovers on holiday. Also, given the long hours of daylight during the summer, golf-lovers can play at almost any time of day or night.

Helsinki Golf Club is the oldest and most prestigious golf course in Finland and was founded in 1932 just 6 kms from the centre of Helsinki. Green fees are 60 euros for adults (although this drops to 30 euros if you are with a member) and 30 euros for juniors. An hour’s drive from Helsinki is the Nordcentre Golf and Country Club, a 36-hole championship facility. Even closer to Helsinki is the St Laurence Golf Club, Considered one of Finland’s best courses and just half and hour’s drive from the city centre.