Helsinki: Hiking - Walking

Helsinki Hiking - Walking

A compact city with large areas of outstanding natural beauty, Helsinki is made for those who love walking and hiking. It is easy to navigate the city centre on foot, which will yield excellent views. Equally, walkers will enjoy exploring Helsinki’s islands, many of which have marked trails. For those who want more than a gentle stroll, Helsinki is more than up to the challenge. Helsinki Central Park has 100kms of hiking trails as well as a hiking lodge with sauna. If you exhaust those trails, or are looking for longer hikes, then neighbouring city Espoo (a short drive from Helsinki) is home to Nuuksio National Park. Offering hikers and outdoor enthusiasts marked trails, cooking shelters and camping areas, Nuuksio is perfect for hiking.

Many of the islands in Helsinki’s archipelago are suitable for day hikes, again with marked trails. Some also have camping spots, such as the popular Kaunissaari Island. Snowshoe hiking is the winter hiking method of choice; equipment is available for rental at the Paloheinä recreational centre in Helsinki Central Park.