Helsinki: Horse Riding

Helsinki Horse Riding

Horse riding is popular but expensive in Finland, and Helsinki and surrounding areas are home to many stables that can arrange anything from a lesson to a hack for visitors wishing to ride. Helsinki stables include Finland’s oldest stable, Keskustalli, which is located in Helsinki’s Ruskeasuo district. It is expensive though; classes cost 35-75 euros depending on the class size. Another Helsinki stables is Tuomarinkylän Ratsastuskoulu, in northern Helsinki. It costs 50 -80 euros for individuals or small groups to ride.

More stables can be found in the neighbouring city of Espoo, including Stall Eqvus in Nuuksio, Primus Talli in Oittaa and Lounaisrannikon Ratsastuskoulu in Soukka. All have websites and should be contacted in advance to arrange a ride or lesson time.