Helsinki: Sightseeing

Helsinki Sightseeing

There are dozens of ways to go sightseeing in Helsinki and hundreds of sights to see. Many companies offer sightseeing cruises of Helsinki’s islands, others take groups on walking or cycling tours through the centre of Helsinki. However you choose to roam around Helsinki, be it with a book, tour guide, ferry or just your on your own, there are sure to be sights enough to divert you.

For a start, Helsinki’s architecture is its notable point and no sightseeing tour of the city would be complete without appreciating it. A walk through Helsinki will give you a varied tour through neo classicism (Helsinki Cathedral), art nouveau (the stand-out Helsinki Central Railway Station) and functionalism (Finlandia Hall, designed by Alvar Aalto). For a more in depth appreciation of art and architecture, the three-site Finnish National Gallery is not to be missed; the buildings are every bit as interesting as the collections they house. Other sights not to be missed include Helsinki Central Park and its conservation areas, Seurasaari and the fortress of Suomenlinna with its military fortifications, museums and artists’ workshops.