Helsinki: Costs

Helsinki Costs

Helsinki has a reputation as an expensive destination, but it’s not as unreasonable as many think and the euro has gone a long way to normalising prices. It’s rated the 7th most expensive city in the world, but this may be down to the high level of taxation experienced by locals.
Some typical Helsinki costs:
Hotels: 76 euros upwards
Pint of beer: 4 euros
Bottled beer: 3.50 euros
Glass of Wine: 4 euros
Can of Coke: 2 euros
Cup of coffee: 3 euros
Lunch: 6-10 euros
Dinner: 30 euros
Cigarettes pack of 20: 3.7 euros
Taxi from airport to Downtown: 30-40 euros
Public Transport: 6 euros a day
Cycle Hire: from free to 25 euros a day