Hong Kong: Party Holiday - Singles Life

The Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong Party Holiday - Singles Life

Hong Kong has a lively albeit expensive singles nightlife. In a city where chatting up a stranger is not uncommon, Hong Kong has a particularly friendly night scene. From all-night club hopping to pub crawls, lounges and comedy clubs Hong Kong has something for everyone. Weekends are busiest but the nightlife is still vibrant and often cheaper during the weekdays. Happy hours in Hong Kong are hugely popular. Hong Kong also enjoys an avid theatre and cinema crowd. For restaurants, bars, and cafés head to Lan Kwai Fong in Central or Soho (south of Hollywood Road). If you’re single and looking for crowded dance floors and want to dance til dawn you won’t need to look hard or go far. The best places to go are in Central (Drop, C Club, Dragon-i) and don;t close until 10 am. For something a little different head to an Art Jam for some late night culture. Try Meli-Melo. Gays and lesbians can head to Hong Kong's Central and check out Club Bliss or Club 97.

Single Scene for girls in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly recommended destination for single girls. Hong Kong offers single girls plenty of shopping, cocktails and breathtaking scenery. Find chic bars and a maze of streets and shops 24 hours a day. Ride a ferry for amazing views of the skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour then head to the top of Victoria Peak. Hong Kong has no shortage of restaurants or speciality shops at the top to rest your feet. In good weather spend the day hiking Hong Kong Island for unbeatable views of the breathtaking scenery. Afterwards hit the wonderful rural beach of Shek-O and stay for an amazing seafood dinner. The nightlife in Hong Kong usually starts in pubs after work; If you’re single and looking for something more lively Hong Kong offers plenty of late night/early morning bars and clubs. You're best bet is to go to Central. Touring the cities or walking out on the streets as a single girl is safe but at night it might be best to catch a taxi (which are reasonably priced) or take public transportation. Keep to well lit areas and don’t go down any dark streets or alleys. Always carry a map, your accommodation address and if not a mobile phone at least enough money to use a payphone.


Single Scene for guys in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a great single scene for men looking for a high paced and vibrant city. Aside from site-seeing Victoria Park, the harbour and numerous skyscrapers and packed markets Hong Kong is literally full of eateries and bars. There are numerous good pubs to be found in Central. For a sports day try your hand at badminton or basketball with local courts found throughout the city. Running is also a new favourite past time amongst the people of Hong Kong and there are plenty of opportunities for water sports, beaches and hiking. Hiking in Hong Kong is a great experience and you will get unbeatable views of the territory. For an exciting evening go to the horse races at Happy Valley Racecourse; Hong Kong is famous for its gambling or maybe catch a kick boxing match. At night, in Hong Kong there are too many bars and clubs to choose from, but popular choices can be found in Central with many clubs bringing in household names in the dj world. Nightclubs stay open well into the early hours.