Hong Kong: Spectator Sports

The Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong Spectator Sports

Spectator sports in Hong Kong range from a love of the Hong Kong Marathon in March to Dragon Boat Racing in June. 365 days a year Hong Kong has many sporting events on the go. Visitors looking to take in the action can check out Hong Kong Stadium for a football match and in January the Carlsberg Cup. Golf lovers won't want to miss the Hong Kong Open in November and horseracing fans can catch live horseracing in the New Territories at Sha Tin Racecourse or the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong Island with lucrative cups and derby's taking place all year. Rugby, or rather the rugby party of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is notorious. This is a big weekend for Hong Kong and takes place at the end of March. Tennis is also a popular spectator sport in Hong Kong and attracts visitors to the Salem Open, Watson's Water Challenge and Cathay Pacific Championships.