Italy: Costs

Way more than just good spaghetti bolognese.

Italy Costs

Generally the cost of living in Italy is low. Eating out in Italy tends to be much cheaper than other major European countries, such as the UK and France. However, the average price of hotels in Italy is generally quite expensive, especially in cities such as Rome and Florence. (See the section ‘Places to Stay in Italy.’) It’s best to travel outside the peak months to find the best deals on hotels and restaurants in Italy.

Some typical costs in Italy are:

Pint of beer: €4.50
Pint of lager: €5
Can of Coke: €0.85
Cup of Coffee: €2.50
Newspaper: €2.20
Subway ride: €1
Fast food
hamburger meal: €6
Breakfast: €5-€10
Lunch: €8-€15
Dinner: €20-€50
Pack of 20 cigarettes: €4.50
Taxi from airport to
central Rome: €40
Bicycle hire: €15