Italy: When to go

Way more than just good spaghetti bolognese.

Italy When to go

The best time to visit Italy is spring or autumn. Avoid high summer, which is when most visitors take holidays in Italy. Northern Italy is particularly beautiful in the autumn, when the heat is less intense and a romantic city break in Venice is greatly enhanced by the gentle mists that start to descend when the weather cools off a little. September is a good time to take a holiday in southern Italy; the resorts are less crowded but hotels and restaurants haven’t started to close for the off-season. This is the time to find great bargains on resort holidays in southern Italy. Try to avoid city breaks in Rome, Venice or Florence during July and August, when the weather is as its most uncomfortably hot. This is also the season when many Italian business owners take holidays themselves, so you may find yourself with fewer options for sightseeing in Italy during this time.