Italy: Bed and Breakfast

Way more than just good spaghetti bolognese.

Generally speaking, Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Italy is of a good standard, but it really pays to book in advance. Good B&Bs in Rome tend to be very expensive during the high season, and the quality varies, but with a bit of research, it’s possible to find some really unique places to stay in Rome. Try looking outside the main tourist districts; Rome is small enough that you could easily base yourself in the suburbs and commute into the centre. B&Bs in Florence tend to be even more expensive, but the general standard is also higher than in Rome or Milan. There are some outstanding country B&Bs in Tuscany, although again, you’ll search hard for bargain rates on Tuscan hotels during the summer. Top tip for finding the best deals on cheap B&Bs in Italy: book very early or very late, and pay particular attention to the coastal resorts.

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