Italy: Hostels

Way more than just good spaghetti bolognese.

In most European countries, hostels tend to be big, modern complexes with basic, no frills accommodation. Although you can certainly find these kinds of places in the big cities, most hostels in Italy tend to be smaller, and more like low-cost traditional guesthouses. Because of this, you often don’t have limited freedom when staying at a hostel in Italy; be prepared to have strict curfew times, and to have to give the owner a precise arrival time. The best city for hostel accommodation in Italy is Florence, which is one reason why the city is a favourite destination for backpackers. Out in the countryside, Italian hostels are often in highly unusual and historic properties, often dating back several hundred years. Beats strip lighting and clinical dorms any day. The best deals on hostel accommodation in Italy are to be found in the off-season, when it’s often possible to find a room for just a few euros per night.

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