Jamaica: Cruises

Clear seas, Cocktails, Rastafarianism and Reggae

Jamaica Cruises

There are many ways to see Jamaica, but one of the most pleasurable is a cruise holiday. Cruise holidays in Jamaica offer the chance to have all the comforts of a hotel while seeing the many sights of the island. The Western Caribbean cruises from Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale to Jamaica tend to be the most popular and get booked up very quickly.

You should also bear in mind when booking a cruise holiday to Jamaica that, like hotels, they will differ, with some being more child-friendly, some themed, while others are geared to a more glamorous holiday. Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise holidays to Jamaica offer the most reasonably-priced packages, but if you’re after something more, premium cruises are more expensive but are based on smaller ships. Other things you may want to consider when picking a cruise holiday is the location of your cabin: cabins close to the gym, bar, theatre, etc, will be noisy, so make sure you check. Travellers with young children should avoid rooms with balcony access, and if you’re prone to sea sickness, cabins on the lower deck, in the middle of the ship are the best.