Jamaica: Well-being and Spa

Clear seas, Cocktails, Rastafarianism and Reggae

Jamaica Well-being and Spa

Given the appeal of holidaying in Jamaica, and the relaxing benefits of spas in general, it was only a matter of time before hotels and resorts around the island began to combine the two. Jamaica’s natural landscape makes it a great place for resort and day spas, lifestyle transformation centres, nature retreats, convalescent centres and mineral springs and baths; in fact, Jamaica has many mineral springs across the island, with Milk River in Clarendon being one of the best mineral spas in the world. Any major hotel in Jamaica will have a building dedicated to its own spa which is likely to offer everything from a full range of massage and beauty treatments, and other relaxation therapies. Jamaican spas tend not to serve alcohol with dinner. Prices can range from $€38 - €3,763 or more, depending on location and treatments.