Jamaica: Snorkeling

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Jamaica Snorkeling

Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay offers one of the best snorkelling spots in Jamaica, although the more daring can find something more challenging across the channel at the Coyoba, Seaworld and Royal Reefs. All these reefs are filled with wildlife, including parrotfish and yellow-headed wrasses. It is advised, however, that you hire a guide because the water away from the shore can be quite rough. The latest addition to the snorkelling experience in Jamaica is Stingray City, near Ocho Rios. Part of the tour includes snorkelling and getting close to the stingrays. It is useful to bear in mind when snorkelling in Jamaica that you should stay mindful of your time and location: it is very easy to go out too far, and lose track of time – so wear a watch, and don’t wear jewellery, as this tends to attract fish, like Barracudas, who like shiny objects.