Jamaica: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Jamaica Food Guide - Dining Out

Jamaica’s cuisine is characterized by the use of pungent herbs and strong spices. It has elements of Caribbean cuisine, as well as those of local traditional recipes. There is great versatility in Jamaican food and it will appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Many local recipes are often found to use rice and peas, cooked in coconut milk. Patties are also commonly made. Fruit and vegetables are plentiful in Jamaica, and are abundantly used in their recipes.

The national dish, Ackee and saltfish, has local fruit Ackee, which is not grown anywhere else in the world. Meat recipes are also abundantly found, mainly using spices that are unique to Jamaica, such as the Jerk. There are many varieties of bread, too. If you’re not a meat eater, there are a host of vegetarian recipes which are very much Jamaica's own.