Jamaica: Hotels

Clear seas, Cocktails, Rastafarianism and Reggae

Jamaica Hotels

Whatever your taste, family size or budget, there are hotels in Jamaica to suit just about everyone, whether it’s the glamour Goldeneye (James Bond creator, Ian Flemming’s former home), which costs approximately €718 per night for a double room, to smaller counterparts which pride themselves on rustic charm and cultural/historic heritage. The hotel rating system is the same for Jamaican hotels as it is in most places; so if a hotel is one star, or less, it will only offer the most basic accommodation. The majority of hotels in Jamaica, however, offer fairly-priced, reasonable hotel accommodation which can start at as little as €38, up to €151. All-inclusives tend to offer the easiest option for the ultimate beach holiday: pay beforehand and you don’t have to worry about meals, drinks, or tipping during your stay. The downside of these holidays is that you rarely get a glimpse of the real Jamaica and you could, in fact, be practically anywhere in the world. Prices range from around €1,710 to €3,332 and beyond.

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