Jamaica: Resorts

Clear seas, Cocktails, Rastafarianism and Reggae

Jamaica Resorts

You can pretty much find a resort in Jamaica wherever you choose to look; again, it is dependent on location, season and budget. There are resorts for singles looking for fun, family resorts, honeymooners, and just about anyone else – there will nearly always be a resort which caters to you specifically. One type of resort which is popular in Jamaica is the all-inclusive: for a flat fee (anywhere between €529 - €1,133), your room, food and tips will nearly always be included). All-inclusives sound like a lot of money, but given what they include, they can be quite cost-effective, and with deals like ‘Mums Stay Free’ even families on a budget can consider this option. All-inclusives are, admittedly hassle-free but on the downside, because everything is included, there is little need to venture out and, in many cases, you could be anywhere that is hot and sunny. If you want to experience a resort but don’t fancy doing it for a two-week stint, day (or night) passes are available. For around €38 (or more, depending on the resort you will gain access to all the resort’s facilities.

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