Jersey: Suggested Itinerary

The Largest Channel Island

Day 1: Jersey's rolling fields of green, beaches, castles, and warm climate are all good reasons for a visit. The Gulf Stream means the islands enjoy a warm climate. From St. Helier you will be able to get around most places. There are two restaurants here with Michelin stars if you fancy a sublime meal and the services industry is thriving too.

Day 2: To get around, it's best to hire a car. The sights and beaches are spread around the island and public transport is limited to buses. There are a number of sign-posted bike trails – which is good as the vehicle roads can be very windy. Visit both Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castle. There are also many monuments which tell vivid stories of the five-year occupation of the island by the Nazis.

Day 3: Continue with the war theme by visiting the Jersey War Tunnels museum with an interesting exhibition on Violette Szabó, a secret agent for Britain's Special Operations Executive during WWII. Spend the rest of the day exploring the beautiful mountains and beaches – there’s truly a lot to keep you busy here.

Day 4: You can either fly home or sail if you live domestically.