Kenya: Useful Information

Mountains, deserts, colourful tribal culture, beaches, coral reefs and wildlife

Kenya Useful Information

Entry visa is required and is best obtained prior to departure but can be issued on arrival. From 1 April 2009 until end 2010 tourist visas will be reduced by 50% to US$25.
US dollars, British pounds and Euros can be readily exchanged in banks and forex bureaus. ATM’s are available at most banks in the cities and credit cards are widely accepted.
Mobile phone network is quite good except in rural areas. Local SIM cards are available as well as phone cards.
Internet cafes are widely available and at post offices you can obtain a card with a pin number which you can use to log in at any branch. Most hotels also have internet access and wi-fi connections are available at some of the bigger establishments.
Measurements are metric.
Voltage is 220/240v system using 3-pin sockets.
Time is GMT 3 hours.
Take malaria pills and insect repellent.
Always use bottled water.
Wear hats and sunscreen.
Ask permission before taking photos of local people.
If camping, take all necessary equipment including mosquito nets.