Kuala Lumpur: Backpacking

Easier to negotiate than Bangkok, less cosmopolitan than Singapore and more eclectic than Hanoi

Kuala Lumpur Backpacking

Kuala Lumpur is a popular destination for backpackers. The efficient transport links makes it easy for backpackers to get around the city. Backpacking in Kuala Lumpur is relatively inexpensive. There is a wide choice of backpacking hostels that will suit all budgets. Most of the backpacking hostels in Kuala Lumpur are located within places where the local lives. Backpackers are therefore able to mingle with the locals and experience the local way of life. The price for backpacking accommodation varies according to the location. A backpacking dorm stay in the Golden Triangle (city centre) area could set you back at RM25 per night whilst dorm stay in Chinatown or at the fringe of the city could cost RM12 per night.