Kuala Lumpur: Hiking Activity Holiday

Easier to negotiate than Bangkok, less cosmopolitan than Singapore and more eclectic than Hanoi

Kuala Lumpur Hiking Activity Holiday Kuala Lumpur Hiking Activity Holiday

It is not difficult to enjoy a hiking holiday in Kuala Lumpur if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the middle of the city is one of the country’s oldest nature reserves, the Bukit Nanas Recreation Forest. This reserve is the ‘Green Lung’ of the city and it serves as a recreational spot for the visitors to escape from the city. There are several entrances to the reserve with 3 different hiking trails for you to choose.

Another nature reserve suitable for a hiking holiday in Kuala Lumpur is located along the Selayang-Kepong highway, about a 45-minute drive from the city centre. The nature reserve is a 600-hectare tropical rainforest filled with thousands of flora and fauna species. It is managed by Forrest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM). It is as much a recreational park as a forest reserve. Hiking through its nature trails not only provides a breathtaking view of the scenery, it also gives visitors an excellent opportunity to learn more about the many plant species in this part of the world. There is also a canopy walk in FRIM for the thrill seekers. On a hiking holiday in Kuala Lumpur, hiking is best done in the morning before it gets too hot and also to avoid the frequent rain showers.