Kuala Lumpur: Honeymoon

Easier to negotiate than Bangkok, less cosmopolitan than Singapore and more eclectic than Hanoi

Kuala Lumpur Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur embodies a combination of diverse culture, modern eccentricity and old world charms. Honeymoon couples can expect a holiday that is fun and romantic at the same time. There is a romantic charm about the historical and Moorish inspired architecture from the British colonial days. Marvel at the beautiful Islamic artefacts and immerse yourself into the way of life of a multi cultural community.

For a honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur, couples can sample Kuala Lumpur’s popular local cuisines in open eateries or fine dine in one of the many choices in restaurants. Kuala Lumpur is also an excellent place for a spot of retail therapy as the city is filled with shopping malls offering cheap bargains and designer goods. Kuala Lumpur has the reputation for being one of the world’s cheapest places to experience five star luxury. Honeymoon couples on holiday to Kuala Lumpur can expect to find quality and affordable honeymoon packages that will surely leave a beautiful and lasting memory.