Lanzarote: Food Guide - Dining Out

A volcanic moonscape

Lanzarote Food Guide - Dining Out

The local food on the Canary Islands is fair and could be described as a slightly spicier version of Spanish cuisine. Look out for rich goats cheese, baked fresh fish and traditional soups and stews. You might even want to sample the octopus salad, fried kid goat, marinated pork and other typical dishes from the Canary Islands which include recipes with mussels and limpets, as well as fresh fish consommé.

The dishes in Lanzarote are made with local ingredients, but if you don’t fancy a locally made speciality then there is a large array of food and restaurants in Lanzarote, where you can dine on pizza, Chinese, Indian and many other types of cuisine. Lively bars are aplenty here and tasty cocktails are around 7 euros each.