Larnaca: Cruises

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Larnaca Cruises

Due to its very own port, Larnaca is a popular destination for cruise holidays. Cruises ships dock in the eastern area of the city and there are plans and proposals to renovate the port and turn it into the eastern Mediterranean’s leading cruise holiday centre. On many Mediterranean cruises, Larnaca is often a stopping point, and when stepping onto dry land you can discover the array of beaches, bars and museums in the city. There are many companies in Larnaca city that hire cruise ships for your leisure, many of which provide catering and entertainment, such as dinner and dance, ensuring that you will have a fabulous time on board. Prices for hiring cruise ships start from €50 a day, and it is therefore an affordable option for many holidaymakers, who would enjoy cruising in Larnaca.