Larnaca: Gay and Lesbian

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Larnaca Gay and Lesbian

While Cyrus is not the most tolerant nation with regards to homosexuality, Larnaca is indeed the exception to the rule. The Secrets Freedom Club is Cyprus’ prime location for gay and lesbian clubbing on the island. ‘Secrets’ is an ideal venue for homosexual holidaymakers touring Larnaca. Gay tourists and natives flock from all over Cyprus, and dance the night away at ‘Secrets’, with its very own dark room, the only one its kind on the island. Friday nights are celebrated with all drinks costing €2. On Tuesday’s ‘Queer as Folk Night’, you can view TV programmes that Cyprus’ TV stations will never broadcast. Once a small club, ‘Secrets Freedom’ has expanded and the owners have now opened a gay friendly Tapas Bar and Restaurant in Larnaca.

If you fancy clubbing on the coast, the Ammos Beach Bar is an ideal hotspot for gay and lesbian tourists visiting Larnaca. However, the city does not have any nudist/single sex beaches, and you will need to travel out to Limmassol for some more intimate bathing. Gay friendly accommodation is available at The Palm Beach Hotel and Bungalow, with its 5 star facilities. Larnaca is an ideal holiday destination for homosexual holidaymakers who wish to relax by the pool or experience Larnaca’s iconic gay and lesbian clubbing scene.