Larnaca: Sightseeing

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Larnaca’s rich 6,000 year history means that there are many sights to see in this Old Testament city. Have a stroll round the archaeological site of Ancient Kition, where you can view the remains of the 5 temples and the ancient city walls. Further remains of Ancient Kition can be found just minutes from the city centre in the District Museum, where ancient coins, vases and tools can be found. If you want to be treated to more architectural splendour, Larnaca Castle is fantastic for sightseers, as it houses its very own archaeological museum. The Byzantine Church of Ayios Lazaros is a beautiful historic site and has religious and local significance: Lazarus is the patron saint of the city and was Larnaca’s first Bishop, and his empty grave lies in this church.

After having an afternoon at the beach, walk along the seafront to Larnaca’s Medieval Museum for some further sightseeing in Larnaca. Formerly a prison, the District Museum’s 400 year old structure houses Roman antiques, and operates as a cultural centre in the summer months. Before flying home, Larnaca’s Salt Lake is a sight to see just minutes from the airport, where pink Flamingos can be spotted during the winter months. The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque sits on the edge on Larnaca’s Salt Lake and the tomb of Mohammed’s foster mother lies there. There are countless sights to see Larnaca, and you will learn all about the historical, religious and architectural background of Larnaca on a sightseeing trip to this captivating city.