Larnaca: Main Sights

White washed houses, palm-trees and sandy beaches

Larnaca Main Sights

There are huge arrays of stimulating, fascinating and scintillating sights to behold in Larnaca. This Old Testament city houses a variety of museums where you can learn about the city’s rich and turbulent past. The Pierides Museum specialises in archaeological relics and will give you grounding in the history of the city. Further antiquities can be found at the District Museum, where you can see ancient coins and vases.

Once you have learned about Larnaca’s past, see history come to life at Ancient Kition, where you can view the old city walls and temples first hand. Another ancient building is Larnaca Castle that houses the Medieval Museum: the building is 400 hundred years old and was used as a prison during the time of British rule; it now operates as the Larnaca Municipal Cultural Centre in the summer months. While the fort is a warlike building, a peaceful structure is evident in the form of a mosque. Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque lies on the edge on Larnaca’s Salt Lake and the tomb of Mohammed’s foster mother is situated there. As well as having a Muslim prayer house, The Church of Ayios Lazaros also stands in Larnaca, and has the empty tomb of Saint Lazarus, a former resident of Kition and the patron saint of the area.

For a marine adventure, catch a boat from Larnaca’s coast to St Raphael’s Marina or dive into the Mediterranean and discover the remains of The Zenobia shipwreck. Whatever your reason for visiting Larnaca, with the countless sites that suit every holidaymaker, you will indeed have an adventure to remember.