Maldives: Backpacking

The Indian Ocean's idyllic paradise

Maldives Backpacking

You wouldn’t normally think of a backpacking holiday in the Maldives, but you can do much worse than affording them a brief visit en route to your next backpacking destination in the Indian Ocean, even if it means stretching your budget to do so!
Although travelling between islands is mainly restricted to tour operators, it is possible to hire a small boat or even get a ferry between some of the islands around the Maldives, although be prepared to share the ferry with all sorts of cargo!

Once in the Maldives, your backpacking holiday will be fairly limited in the accommodation stakes – the Maldives don’t do hostels! Whilst backpacking in the Maldives, If you are lucky enough to find a hotel with vacancies then be prepared to pay the top end of a tourist budget for a room. Accommodation on the capital Male, can be found slightly cheaper, but of course you don’t get the beautiful views and tranquillity as you do on the islands.