Maldives: Cruises

The Indian Ocean's idyllic paradise

Maldives Cruises

There are several holiday companies who offer cruise holidays to the Maldives, but by cruise, they don’t mean huge ocean liners. Cruise holidays in the Maldives are on a much smaller and intimate basis, with most live aboard boats only having a handful of cabins. You can also find Maldive cruise holidays being offered onboard traditional dhoni’s which let you explore the islands in a more typical environment. Most live aboard cruise ships are very well catered for and almost all cabins have an attached private bathroom.

The most popular cruise holiday in the Maldives is combined with a diving tour, and you will see many impressive dive live aboards moored at Male ready to take on their next batch of divers. These dive boats offer a fantastic cruise around the islands of the Maldives whilst taking in all the wonderful dive sites.

Another way to cruise the Maldives is to take a day trip offered by many of the resorts to the neighbouring islands. This is lovely way to see the other islands and can be extended to a few nights on board if required.